The Internet has become an integral part of children’s lives, enabling them to undertake research for school projects, talk to their friends and access information from around the world. Increasing provision of the Internet in and out of schools brings with it the need to ensure that learners are safe.


At Commonswood we take E-Safety seriously.  All Internet access is filtered through a proxy server to screen out undesirable websites at source. We ensure that e-Safety is taught as an integral part of the curriculum. Children are given opportunities to discuss their use of ICT and how to stay safe.


It is important that children use the Internet safely wherever they are. We suggest that you talk regularly with your child about how they use the Internet and how they can stay safe.  Use the links below for further information.


Full of activites and advice for children of all ages as well as parents.
Child Exploitation and Online Protection
Full of information, including how to report abuse whilst online.
Provides information to parents and carers about their children's resiliance and welfare. It is a collaboration between Parent Zone and CEOP, a command of the National Crime Agency
Our school has signed up with the iRights initiative to deliver a universal framework of digital rights for our children.
Full of useful information about all aspects of eSafety, including a brilliant "Parental Contols" section.  Which gives step by step advice about setting security on mobile devices, tablets, gaming machines, etc.


Parent Workshops

Each Autumn term, we hold an eSafety workshop for parents to explain the risks children face and offer advice and guidance.  Our most recent workshop was held on November 6th 2015 and run by a CEOP ambassador.  All who attended felt that it was very useful!


eSafety Policy

This policy will be reviewed in the Autumn Term so welcome comments from parents before this time.

eSafety and Data Security Policy – March 2017

If you have any concerns or questions about eSafety, please feel free to contact Steve Burt.


eSafety Newsletters

These newsletters are produced by the Herts for Learning eSafety team.

Parent/carer Newsletter – Autumn 2017
Parent/carer Newsletter – Summer 2017
Parent/carer Newsletter – Spring 2017
Parent/carer Newsletter – Autumn 2016
Parent/carer Newsletter – Summer 2016
Parent/carer Newsletter – Spring 2016
Parent/carer Newsletter – Autumn 2015

eSafety Parental Survey 2015

Thank you to all parents who responded to the survey.

  • 40% were not aware that the school has an acceptable use policy.
  • 19% did not discuss online activities with their children.
  • 37% did not know what types of video games their child plays at friend’s houses.
  • 15% had not discussed what to do if their child feltels uncomfortable whilst online.
  • 42% did not know that the school runs an annual parent workshop
  • 14% were aware that their child had a social media account (Aged 13+)

Our actions from this:

  • Raise profile of parent workshops.  On November 6th 2015, a CEOP Ambassador will be delivering a children's assembly, a parent workshop and a joint parent/child workshop.
  • Continue eSafety information in the school's monthly newsletters.
  • Distribute an updated 'Acceptable Use policy' to parents, when agreed by governors.
  • Send a copy of the Herts eSafety "SMILE" poster home in the children's homework books.  These are also on show around the school.