My apologies

This web site has been quiet for nearly a year now.  A large number of reasons both personal and professional have meant that time has been in limited supply.  But now I am able to be active again – and the first piece of good news to share is that my book has been published!

Thanks to all at Gilead Publishers who have made this possible.

The book can be ordered directly from them – just click on one of the following links.

…and about Sense&Sustainability

Sense&Sustainability is a small not for profit company

The main focus of all our work is encouraging people to live sustainable lifestyles – and we do this through training and demonstrating sustainability in practice!  Our main goal is to encourage and support Christians in re-orientating our lives to be able to a care for Creation as we believe God requires.  Have a look at our news pages to get a picture of the range of different projects that we are engaged in.

We also take a specific approach to sustainability !    We believe that although we are working hard towards reducing our footprint on the earth our current approaches are fundamentally flawed.    They are necessary, but not enough,  as the phrase goes.   If we are to achieve sustainability and a better quality of life for everyone on our planet then we need to seriously rethink our economic systems and the way we do things.   We need to move away from our current wasteful linear thinking and towards an approach which questions our wastefulness and adopts a closed loop system for how we do things!

We enjoy taking the closed loop ideas and integrating them into systems thinking in schools and communities and are keen to work with those who share our approach.   So do browse the web site – have a look at what we do and how we do it – and get in touch if you would like to work with us!