1st-3rd October – CoDeS Partner Meeting

Jacky had the pleasure of representing SST at this event and will be going to the next meeting in May 2013.

Within the three days of working we looked at the internal and external evaluators’ reports of the Vienna conference, examining what lessons have been learnt about the conference to ensure these were taken onboard when planning the next conference for May 2013 in the Netherlands.  As well as looking at the products that CoDeS will be publishing the Travelling Guide, Tool Box and Digital Hand Book.

This was a good opportunity to talk with other partners about projects that Sense&Sustainablility are involved in.  Partners were enthusiastic to learn about the Intergenerational Learning Project, finding the Nature for Care publication a useful tool to take away with them.  With just a little time left to enjoy some wonderful Hungarian culture, with a visit to a monastery, to singing with a choir and taking part in some traditional folk dancing.

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