Christianity and Sustainability Workshop in Poland

Christianity and Environment Workshop ProgrammeThe Christianity and Sustainability workshop in Poland in July was a great success.    There were twenty people at the workshop from all over Europe – Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece and Turkey.  James made two contributions to the Programme.  The first was an environmental workshop looking at the reasons why Gods creation is in such a mess.  The answer?   The unsustainable way we make things using the linear take, make and waste system.    The solution James proposes is a closed loop system – getting rid of waste and toxic materials  – learning from the way God created nature to work “Considering the Lilies” as Jesus says in Luke’s Gospel.     His second presentation was on What the Bible has to say about Creation Care.  This took the form of a group Bible study on several key passages but mainly from Luke Chapter 12.     All the participants found the sessions helpful and one lady was excited at studying the Bible as an original text document.  “I had never looked at it this was before”, she said.


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