James chairs a meeting with Economist Editor

Zanny Minton Beddoes, the Economics editor of the Economist visited Moreton Hall School at the end of last term to speak at the Moreton Enterprise Business Lunch – a networking event for local businesses.   Following her after lunch keynote speech James hosted a question and answer session for sixth form students where Zanny was quizzed by students on a range of topics from the UK’s membership of the EU , why some countries in Africa found it difficult to develop and whether our definition of development is too based on western values.   Zanny’s keynote speech and responses to questions gave a superb overview of current economic and development issues.    She takes a positive view of the future believing that on balance globalization has brought untold benefits, lifting large numbers of out poverty.  Whilst acknowledging that there are environmental and sustainability challenges she also thought that improving technology would bring environmental improvements in the long term.    A summary of her talk can be found in the resources pages.

Moreton Hall Centenary Business Lunch.     B

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