James off to Kenya in July

Thanks to all of you who have continued to pray for my work in Kenya and also thanks to those who have donated as well– this is really appreciated – this information is just to update you on what’s happening at the moment!



I shall be going back to Kenya from the 7th-26th July to work with Tom and the Africa Inland Churches in the Nyanza District – I have my ticket!!  Tom and his Environment team have put together a really busy programme which involves a mixture of training and environment projects – including toilets!!  The training is for Bible College students and also pastors and other Church leaders.    You can see that I am also going to schools and training Geography and other subject teachers as well!



Quite a few people have come and asked me, ‘are you still going to Kenya?’ after reading about the evacuation of British Tourists a few weeks ago and some of the troubles in Nairobi.   Thanks for your concern – and of course prayer is needed for these situations.   But yes – I am going back.    The west of Kenya is safer for a number of reasons.   Firstly, it is strongly Christian area and there are fewer tensions with Islamic fundamentalists, and secondly, it is as far as you can get from the trouble spots which are in the east and along the border with Somalia.   But do please keep on praying for Kenya generally!  Do please pray for my personal safety as well.

Much of my travel will be in small minibuses and on the back of motorbikes.  There is no other way of getting from A to B to be honest.



Tom and his family have all had malaria over the last few months. They are fine now, but the disease does kill a lot of people each year.   I take decent anti-malarial tablets each day, spray myself and make sure I sleep under a mosquito net so I do all I can!  But pray for me and the local people as well – who can’t afford the tablets I take.    There is more information on the poster about malaria and health issues.


Fund Raising

So far we have raised around £1000 for the Toilets for Kenya Project – this is great and we shall be able to build around 3 toilet units for this.  A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have given but it would be great to have more!   Our target this year is for Ten toilet units!


If you are interested in giving then it would be great to have donations before the end of 4th July – I don’t want to be pushy – and asking for money when there are so many other needs doesn’t come easily, but from a practical perspective I can then take the money with me to Kenya and we can get going on the Toilet projects immediately!


Does anyone have a spare lap top computer I could take to Kenya ?

Perhaps someone is about to buy a new one and has one going spare as it were – or you know someone buying a new computer and looking for a home for an old one?   Tom doesn’t have a computer in his office so has to share one with the other five members of the leadership team!   To send emails he has to go to an internet café.   A lap top he could take home with him and on the road when travelling would be wonderful.


This is the programme that Tom has sent me.




Date                                        Activity                         Time

7th July                                     Arrival                           7pm

8th                                              Meet Team/Briefings     10- 1pm, 2:00 -4pm

9th                                              Ahero  Bible College   9am   to    4pm

10th                                            Ahero  Bible  College     ‘’

11th                                             Ahero  Bible  College   ,,

12th                                            VISIT TO  equator

13th                                            Church Service at  Nyakakana     10am – 1pm

14th                                           Central Lake Region Training( Pala)       10-1p

15th                                            Central Lake Region Training (  Rae Dcc)      10-  1pm

16th                                            Nyakach  Region – Masana and Planting Trees 10- 1pm

17th                                            Midweek Fellowship at West Kobura 10- 5pm

18th                                            Nyakakana Pr/Nyakakana Sec/Miguye Pri   8 -  4pm

19th                                            Tree Planting at Oroba and Trainning Echo Team 10 – 4pm

20th                                           Sunday Service at Yawo and Mbega    9-12:30 pm

21st                                            Workshop for Geography Teachers,  9 – 1pm

22nd                                          Meeting at the Bishops office with Health and Env- Cords

23rd                                           Sanitation /Kabonyo /Nyakakana

24th                                          Sanitation/Oyola/ Obumba/ Ogenya Local Church

25th                                          Meeting at Bishops office Evaluation/

26th                                          Departure


The Timetable accommodates Tea break/Lunches/Question and More.


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