We Love Counting and Ordering!

This week the children have been doing lots of counting! They have been using the new number stones to order and count. The children then took it in turns to play a ‘what number is missing? game’. Each child had a go at hiding a number stone. The other children in the group had to work out what number was missing. It was lots of fun!

Our Trip to Greenwich Park

We had an amazing time at Greenwich Park. The children took their Teddies for a Picnic at the park and then after the picnic they had a brilliant time playing on all of the challenging play equipment. It was a brilliant day. We would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to all parents that accompanied us. Without your support trips would not be possible. THANK YOU!

Mark Making Outside

We love to mark make outside at Nursery. This week the children have been exploring mark making by painting on the paper that has been attached to the fences all around the garden. The children have loved painting lovely pictures.

Take a look below!

We Love Using Materials to Dress Up!

This week the children have been experimenting with lots of materials. The children have been making each other different costumes. Giving the children material challenges them to think of ideas of how they would like to use the material. This week the children have been exploring how to use the material to dress up. They have been solving lots of problems. Is the material too long? How can we wear it? How will we tie it? Who will help me?

Look at the children’s amazing costumes below!

Our Trip to Mudchute Farm!

We had a brilliant time at Mudchute Farm. We saw lots of animals and got to play in the big field on the play equipment. The children all had a lovely day. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all parents that accompanied us on the trip.

Our Parents Reading Open Morning

We invited all parents in for a Nursery Open morning. The focus of this open morning was ‘Reading with your child’. The children all received a Book Start Story Pack. We also invited a team member of the Whatney Market Ideas Store to talk to parents about becoming a member of the library. She also shared information all about what resources the Idea Store offers families. It is very important to read stories and share books with your children no matter how young they are.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all Parents that attended the open morning.

A Very Special Visitor!

We had a very special visitor to the Early Years Unit this week. It was the …….. Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny visited the garden and left all of the children a special Easter egg. All of the children had to be very quiet because they didn’t want to frighten the Bunny. After the Bunny had hopped off the children hunted around the garden to find their Easter egg.

The children would like to say THANK YOU Easter Bunny for their Easter Eggs!

Forest School is back!

The children have started their Forest School sessions at Wapping Woods. The children in Caterpillar Class have been split into two groups. The groups will take it in turns to attend a Forest School session on Friday mornings. Group One went first. The children explored the Forest area and had to collect things that they thought were interesting. Whist doing this they found a brilliant tree for climbing. Everyone had a go. Next the children played the 1,2,3, Where are you game? This is a simple hide and seeks game that the children love. Lastly we all had a snack and a drink of hot milk before returning to school.

THANK YOU to all parents that helped us, without your support Forest School would not be possible.

World Book Day 2016!

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate World Book Day! The children all came to school dressed as their favourite book characters. They all looked brilliant! We attended a big read in the hall. All children took a book to assembly and we all read together. After the big read the children returned to class where they had two stories read to them, the first by Miss Walker and Miss Tropea (Year 6) and the second by Mrs Thomas (Year 4). What a treat. We then had a lovely day making book marks, making up our own stories and books.

We Love Healthy Snacks!

In the Early Years Unit the children are encouraged to independently choose snacks and drinks. Each day different fruit, water and milk is readily available to the children. It is very important for the children to be able to help themselves to a healthy snack throughout the day. We have recently decided that we would like to introduce more healthy options into the children’s snack choices. Parents have been contributing 50p a week. We have then taken the children to our local supermarket to buy some delicious healthy produce for our healthy snacks out of the money that we have collected.

The children love to visit the supermarket. Once there, they are encouraged to choose what they would like for a healthy snack and they are also given the money to pay for it.

Back at school the children are then given the opportunity to chop up their snack and share it with their classmates. By doing this we are hoping to introduce the children to lots of different healthy foods.