Creative Literacy

In Butterfly class we like to think of lots of fun and creative activities to do in our Literacy lessons. We covered our whole carpet with paper and listened to different types of music. We thought about how the music made us feel and what it made us imagine, then we drew it on carpet.

We used our drawings as inspiration to tell some extraordinary stories!’


Christmas time has been very busy for Butterfly class, we have performed a nativity play, had a Key Stage 1 and Early Years Party and even managed to fit in a visit to Father Christmas in his grotto!

Butterfly class performed amazingly in their nativity play, learning 6 songs and acting out the nativity story we have been learning about in class. They performed to the whole school and their parents and they should all be very proud of themselves!

Circle Time

During circle time we talked about what we have enjoyed doing in Butterfly class this term. It was our turn to speak when we had the ball of wool and when we had finished speaking we threw it to another member of the class making a ‘listening web’.

Here are some of the things Butterfly class said they have enjoyed doing – ‘I like playing in the maths area’, ‘I like being outside with my friends’, ‘I like making things and showing them’, ‘I like being in the home corner’, ‘I like reading in the book corner’ and ‘I like trying my best at phonics’.

3D Shapes

This week Butterfly Class have been learning all about 3D shapes. We made 3D shapes using playdough and straws, we made 3D creations in our junk modelling area, used 3D shape moulds in our sand pit, played ‘shape bingo’ and went on a shape hunt around the school.

Chickens have come to early years!

We have some new permanent residents in the Early Years outdoor area. Butterfly class love having them and they have lead to some interesting questions. One member of butterfly class asked ‘Why don’t chicken’s talk?’…

Mud Kitchen!

Butterfly class don’t let the rain stop them from learning and playing in our outdoor area. We have had lots of fun using our Mud Kitchen!

Children in Need

Butterfly Class loved dressing up as Superheroes in aid of Children in Need. We even made our own Superhero masks!

Our class trip to Mudchute Farm!

The Caterpillar children recently visited Mudhcute Farm. We had an absolutely brilliant day! We had a tour of the farm with a lady called Tracey who told us all about the farm and the animals that live there. We had our lunch at the farm and after lunch we were able to visit the big bottom paddock and have a run around. This was really fun! After our run around we had a go at walking with the Shetland Ponies before it was time to go home.

We had a brilliant day at the farm and we would like to say a big THANK YOU to Tracey and Shelley the staff at Mudchute Farm for looking after us and to all of the parents that helped us on the day.

Forest School!

The Nursery children have been having a brilliant time at their Forest School sessions. The Nursery children have been split into two groups and are taking it in turns to go to Wapping Woods every Friday morning. We leave school at 9.30am and return just before lunch. We have been learning all about the rules of the Forest and we have been having lots of fun!

The children have been busy exploring the Woods and discovering the mini beasts that live there. We have also been making dens and playing lots fun games.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the parents that have helped us during our sessions, we really appreciate it!

The Bees Are Coming!

Last week Sharon the Bee Keeper came into school and held a brilliant workshop all about Bees. She brought in a real live hive for the children to see. She told us all about Bees and all the different roles and responsibilities Bees have when living in a hive.

Sharon also shared with the children some delicious smelling wax that the Bees had made. She told us all about honey and she explained to us how and why the Bees make it.

Sharon brought her special Bee Keeper outfit to show the children. She also brought a child sized outfit that one of the children tried on. She explained to us why it is important to wear protective clothing when working with the Bees.

We are so excited to have a Bee hive at school and we can’t wait to become Bee Keepers just like Sharon!