Year 5

Year 5 IPC exit point to Greenwich

Year 5 and 6 Lords Visit

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a day out at Lords Cricket Ground watching Middlesex and Lancashire.

Year 5 Olympic Park Visit

Year 5 loved going to the cycling festival at the Olympic Park. We used the BMX track.

Year 5/6 Cricket Competition

We had a fantastic time at the Year 5/6 cricket competition. Mr David’s team reached the quarter finals.

Year 5 Roman Saxons

Year 5 enjoyed a brilliant trip to All Hallows Church yesterday to learn about Roman Saxons. They took part in an amazing interactive play.

Year 5 Water wheel investigation

We loved using different materials to make our own water wheel.

Year 5 Investigating Fractions

To investigate fractions, year 5 had to choose which table to sit on where they would get the most pineapple.

Table 1 – One pineapple
Table 2 – Two pineapples
Table 3 – Three pineapples

Which would you choose?

What problem might you face?​

Year 5 Half Moon Theatre

We really enjoyed creating stories with the talented people from the Half Moon Theatre.

Year 5 3D Shapes

Creating and describing 3D shapes is trickier than we thought.

​Year 5 Whitechapel Gallery Workshop

Year 5 really enjoyed exploring how to control LEDs using algorithms.